Date of print 02/04/2015
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Can I create a general application/profile? Yes, you can create a general profile and add your job preferences. Then you can subscribe to receive notifications about vacancies which meet your preferences. (You’ll be sent an email each time a vacancy meets the criteria you’ve defined.)

I don't have a CV. Is one required?  To create a general candidate profile, it’s not essential to upload your CV. If you’re applying for a specific role, you can attach a covering letter or other supporting document(s) in the attachments section. However, if you don’t attach a CV then, you’ll need to complete the work experience section of your application with at least 3 employment examples.

I don't have an e-mail address. Is one required? Yes, you must have an e-mail account to complete your application(s). If you’re a disabled candidate and require any special adjustments, then please seand an e-mail providing details to " "

What is a 'Job Basket'? When you see a job that you’re interested in, you can save that job by clicking on 'Add to Job Basket' - just as you’d add to a 'shopping cart' when making online purchases. Clicking on the Job Basket will then bring up all the jobs that you’ve selected, and you have the option to remove any jobs from the basket by clicking the delete button. Adding jobs to your basket doesn’t indicate that you’ve applied for them. To apply for the jobs in your basket, click the box to the left of the job title and then click the 'apply' button. When applying for a job, please ensure that your profile is up-to-date, ideally with your most recent CV. After you click the 'apply' button, you’ll have the option to upload a covering letter.

How do I set up job alerts to notify me of new positions that fit my skill set? Within your candidate profile you have the option to designate your 'job preferences', including your preferred job location(s) and other specifications. After choosing your preferences, you must activate the check box to indicate that you’d like to receive notifications. Whenever a newly-posted role matches your designated preferences, we’ll notify you by email.

What is ‘My Jobpage’? The ‘My Jobpage’ tab displays all of the jobs that you’ve applied for and any tasks you may need to complete, such as an assessment.

I want to check the status of my application. You can view the status of your application on the ‘My Jobpage’ tab when you’re logged into your profile. Any communications relating to your job application’s status will be sent to the email address on your profile, so please make sure this is address is always up-to-date. Please note, some email providers will route the emails in your SPAM folder – so please ensure that you check for any updates in that folder too. 

How do I update my CV? First of all, connect to our recruitment website by entering  your user name and password. In the 'My Jobpage' tab, click the 'access my profile' link and make the changes required in the various pages available. On the 'attachments' page, upload your updated CV and, if applicable, delete the CV from your initial application, then complete and update by clicking the 'submit' button. If you replace the CV in your profile attachments it will update in Taleo for Recruiters and Hiring Managers under your general profile attachments, but any existing live job applications will retain the old CV.

What should I do if I can’t access my account? If you’ve forgotten your password then click ‘Forgot your password?’ on the login page. If you’ve forgotten your user name on the login page, then click ‘Forgot your user name?’ If you need your password to be reset or if your ID is locked then please call 08456 024348 and choose Option 2, followed by Option3.

Can I select jobs without immediately applying? When you find a job that you’re interested in, you can flag it without applying straight away by clicking 'Add to Job Basket'. To retrieve your selected jobs, click 'My Job Basket'. If you’re partway through an application then you can save it as a draft submission in your profile to be completed at a later time – as long as the role is still open for applications and posted to the web portal.

I’ve applied online. When will I hear from you? You’ll receive a system-generated email confirming receipt of your application. Once you’ve applied for a position, your information will be available in our applicant tracking system. Depending on the type of role you’ve applied for and the screening process for that role, you may be asked to complete further information or to complete online assessments. Throughout the process Hiring Managers and Recruiters will review your CV and assess against the requirements of the position you’ve applied for. Due to the high volume of candidates we receive, we’re unable to phone candidates who aren’t selected to continue in the recruiting process. However, you will be notified by email.

When applying online, I get ‘error message’.  HSBC's applicant tracking system only operates on Internet Explorer 7 (or newer), so please ensure that you’re not using Mozilla, Firefox or another non-standard internet browser. If you continue to experience difficulties, please send an e-mail providing full details to "

I’m having difficulties uploading my CV to my candidate profile. If you’re encountering difficulties uploading your CV, first check that you’re using the correct format. CVs must be saved in Word, PDF or Excel format and be smaller than 2048kb.  If you’re still unable to upload your CV, then please select ‘I do not want to upload a CV’, press save and continue, and add your CV as an attachment.

How do I withdraw an application for a role? To withdraw your application, log into Taleo and click on the tab titled 'My Jobpage'.  The summary of your job application includes a link to 'withdraw'.

Can I re-apply for a role if I’ve previously withdrawn from the process? Yes, you can re-apply for a role – if it’s still available - by clicking on the ‘re-apply’ link on ‘My Jobpage’.

Can I modify the information that I’ve supplied on a job application? You can modify some of the information that you’ve supplied via Taleo by accessing your candidate profile and clicking 'Edit'. This will enable you to amend the necessary information.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my Taleo password, or if it’s locked? If you already have a Taleo logon and have forgotten your password, click on the 'forgot password' link on the logon screen and input your email address.  Your password will be sent by return.  If you need your password to be reset or if your ID is now locked, please call 08456 024348 and choose Option 2 followed by Option 3.

I require special adjustments to complete the online tests/telephone interview/face-to-face interview/assessment. How can I advise HSBC of this? We will consider reasonable adjustments to the recruitment and selection process. The multiple-choice screening questions - which you’ll be asked to respond to as part of the application process - will give you the opportunity to let us know whether you require any adjustments to the assessment process.

My application has been declined and I’d like some feedback We aim to accommodate all requests for feedback.

Will HSBC undertake a Credit check on me? As part of the recruitment process a Credit Search will be undertaken. This search will only be visible by HSBC and the search will not affect your credit status. The Credit Check would typically include identification information, past and present credit obligations, past-due payments, court judgments, bankruptcy information, suspected fraudulent applications, collections data and previous addresses. The information will be reviewed against the Bank’s agreed criteria and if adverse information is identified your application may be declined.

How do I obtain the results and feedback from the online tests I have taken? If you have taken an online test then a written report of your results is available online. The report should come a few minutes after you have completed the test. If the results do not appear, please click the refresh button (F5). You need to ensure that the system has not timed out wen you do this. If you have already logged out of the test try to click on the original link and you should be able to retrieve the tests. Please email for further assistance in retrieving the report.