Date of print 29/03/2015
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Recruitment Process

Making the most of the recruitment process


What we want to see from you


One of our main priorities, when selecting people for roles here, is to make sure they’ll fit in with our way of doing things. That’s why, when it comes to your application and every assessment and interview that follows, it’s vital that you show us more than just skills, experience or qualifications. We want to see that you’re an HSBC person before you join us.


Let us explain what we mean. At HSBC, we’ve developed three core group values. They define how we think about business and how our people work. Our global success is built on this approach. Your goal is to demonstrate your ability to put our values into practice.


The values


HSBC people are Open. We expect you to be honest and straight talking. You treat others with respect and fairness. You listen to their ideas, show genuine appreciation of their needs and collaborate effectively for the benefit of the team.


HSBC people are Connected. We expect you to build relationships with customers, colleagues and the community in which you work. You empathise with others, take care to understand the impact you have on them, and act with their best interests at heart.


HSBC people are Dependable. We expect you to be committed to quality in everything you do. You take accountability for the results you deliver, and you can always be relied on to stand up for the right course of action, even in challenging circumstances.


How to show us you share our values


In interviews, we’ll ask you to tell us about occasions when you have demonstrated the qualities we’re looking for. Start thinking now about some good examples which illustrate your openness, connection and dependability, so you’re well prepared for those questions. Think of one strong example for each value. These don’t have to be drawn from work.


Naturally, you should also show us how open, connected and dependable you are through your behaviour and communication with us throughout the recruitment process.


We want to make your experience of applying as easy and straight forward as possible. To help make that happen, we've put together this guide for each of the different stages involved in the process. It means that at every step, you'll be aware of precisely where you are. And when we contact you to confirm if you've been successful, you'll know exactly what to expect next.



Capability based interview

Face-to-face interview